About us


Where the Villa MARI and dwarf BOR meet, a beautiful house surrounded by forest can be found. Friendly and good-hearted people live there, and they take care of the wellbeing of all visitors.


We are situated at the foothills of the Maribor Pohorje in the immediate vicinity of the snow stadium and within a stone’s throw of the capitol of the Štajerska region – the city of Maribor.

Lovely, sunny days almost drag you out into the nature. Pohorje, the only silicate mountain range in Slovenia, is perfect for hiking, walks, cycling… You can find us just 6 km from the city centre of Maribor, which is also very interesting from the cultural point of view. Certainly worth mentioning is the Old vine, the oldest living specimen of a vine still bearing grapes in the world. Also, the City park north of the old part of Maribor. Among many other sights is also the Aquarium-Terrarium is also very popular with the people of Maribor and tourists, it can be of great interest to children, as well as adults.

During winter time, you can ski down one of the longest night lit ski slopes in Europe! We invite you to spend some time in the Villa Mari and with dwarf Bor.

See you at the Villa Mari!